Safety Checklist of Do’s

  • Check all circuit breakers or fuses to make sure that the outage is not a household problem.

  • Turn off any major appliances that might have been on when the outage occurred, including your heating system. Make sure to leave one light on so that you will know when your power is restored. Then, turn on large appliances one at a time.

  • Inspect the area outside your home near the meter. If the meter or any of the piping and wires on the side of your house look damaged or are missing, call an electrician.

  • Have plenty of flashlights, portable radios, and fresh batteries on hand.

  • Have plenty of bottled water available.

  • Only burn candles when adults are present and keep them away from flammable materials.

  • Keep a freshly charged fire extinguisher nearby.

Safety Checklist of Don’ts

  • Never use an outdoor lantern inside your home.

  • Do not go to sleep without blowing out any candles.

  • Never touch or even go near a fallen utility line. You should always assume that any fallen line is carrying electricity. If a fallen line has come into contact with an object, do not touch that object. Call us immediately to report any downed lines: 479-521-2900 or 1-800-521-6144.

  • Never operate heaters or fuel-fired cook stoves without proper ventilation.

  • Do not burn charcoal indoors because it releases carbon monoxide.