Reporting An Outage

Before calling to report an outage, call your neighbor to see if their power is out also. This can help you determine if the outage is a household problem or not.

To help save you time, we have an automated outage reporting system. During a major outage, our telephone lines can become overloaded. Instead of wasting time on hold, waiting to speak with a representative, take advantage of the automated system. This is a much faster and easier way to report your outage. Simply call 1-800-521-6322 and follow the options menu. You will need to enter your telephone or account number. Most people do not have their account number memorized and it can be hard to find in the dark, so please make sure that we have your current home phone number on record before an outage hits.

You may also visit our Outage Center to report an outage and get the most up-to-date outage news.