About Us

We believe in offering our members the best possible service, the best possible experience and the best possible care.

We are members, too, and are visible in the communities we serve. We live in the same areas, our children attend the same schools and we shop at the same stores. As a cooperative, we strive to work alongside the membership to ensure that everyone understands that we're more than just an electric company.

Our Purpose: To power communities and empower members to improve the quality of their lives.

Our Mission: To provide non-profit, competitively priced electrical and related services for the benefit of our members and communities in the safest and most reliable method with integrity, commitment and accountability.

Our History

Ozarks Electric Cooperative was incorporated under the laws of the State of Arkansas in 1938. A non-profit member-owned cooperative, Ozarks Electric was formed to provide electric service to the rural areas of Northwest Arkansas. On May 10, 1939, the first 50 miles of line were energized to cover an area of approximately 250 miles to provide electric service to 1,000 members.

In 1940, approval was given for the addition of 257 miles of line to be built, extending service into Oklahoma. In just three short years, the Cooperative had grown considerably, serving nine counties in Arkansas and Oklahoma, with more 350 miles of power lines. 

Ozarks Electric, with offices across Northwest Arkansas and Northeast Oklahoma, now serves more than 70,000 homes, farms, businesses and industries.