Storm Preparation

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ozarks Electric doing to manage major storms?

We continually monitor national and local weather reports. This allows us to be a step ahead of the storm by having plenty of staff available for restoration before the storm even hits.

Why can’t you tell me when my power will be restored?

It is impossible to accurately predict when your power will be back on due to many factors and challenges we face. We promise that we will work around the clock to get your power back on as soon as we can.

Where can I find information on the restoration efforts?

We work hard to keep our members informed during an outage. We send updates out to the local news media several times a day during major outages. Listening to the radio would be your best bet if you are without power. Remember to have an emergency kit handy, equipped with a battery-operated radio and fresh batteries.

Why do my neighbors have power but I don’t?

Generally, this means your neighbors are served by a different electrical circuit and/or transformer from a different direction than you are.

Who is responsible for clearing trees and limbs that are contacting power lines?

Ozarks Electric personnel and contractors conduct tree trimming throughout the year to keep power lines free of limbs and debris. Our crews do not remove fallen limbs or branches from your property following a storm. Do not attempt to remove tree limbs or debris away from power lines. If you have any limbs that you feel might knock down a power line please call us at 479-521-2900 or 1-800-521-6144 to report it.

Will Ozarks Electric reimburse me for the cost of meat and other groceries that spoil in my freezer and refrigerator?

No. Electric service is subject to occasional interruptions due to causes beyond our control. We are not liable for spoiled food or other financial losses caused by such interruptions. While we (like any other electric service provider) cannot guarantee service that is free of interruptions, we strive to provide the most reliable electric service possible.


Even members whose accounts have been marked as critical need to have their own backup plans for coping with power outages. The critical designation is only intended to ensure that we provide such customers with advance notice of planned maintenance outages. We are unable to provide priority restoration to critical designated customers during emergencies.