Paperless Billing

It's time to say goodbye to misplaced bills and clutter with paperless billing from Ozarks Electric Cooperative. By going paperless, you can conveniently view and pay your electric bill online, all while making a positive impact on the environment.

Best of all, it's easy, convenient and absolutely free.

Benefits of Paperless Billing

  • No more dealing with paper bills or mailing checks

  • Benefits environment by saving paper

  • Helps keep electricity costs down

Using MyOzarks with Paperless Billing

Combining paperless billing with MyOzarks offers numerous benefits.

  • Receive monthly email bill notices

  • Safe and secure: all online transactions are processed securely on our servers

  • Pay with one-time credit card or bank-draft payment

  • Payments are made immediately; no more worrying about mailing in your payment

  • View your current bill in easy-to-read PDF format 

For even more convenience, sign up for paperless billing with auto pay. Sign up now by logging in to MyOzarks.

Sign Up For Paperless Billing

You can now sign up for paperless billing and manage your settings in MyOzarks.

  1. Once signed in to MyOzarks, hover over the "My Profile" link

  2. Click on "My Information"

  3. Select the "Update My Printed Bill Settings" option

  4. Adjust your printed bill status

If you have any questions about paperless billing, please feel free to contact us.