Electric Water Heaters

We are committed to providing our members with products that improve the energy efficiency of their homes. If you are in the market for a new water heater, look no further. Marathon electric water heaters offer several great features:

  • Energy efficient (Energy Factor of up to .94)**
  • Lightweight
  • Installation friendly
  • Guaranteed not to leak
  • Lifetime warranty* on the tank

Electric water heaters come in various sizes


With features and guarantees like that, you'll never have to buy another water heater as long as you own your home. To learn more about Marathon electric water heaters, click here.

With electric water heaters there is no danger of flames or carbon monoxide poison. It's the safe choice for your home. Call us today at 479-521-2900 or 1-800-521-6144 to purchase the last water heater you'll ever have to buy.

Parts are also available.

Marathon Electric Water Heater Pricing (Tax Included)
ModelGallonsHeight DiameterVoltsWattagePrice
MR15120 15 35.62" 21.62" 120V 2000W $535.00
MR20120 20 34.5" 23.75" 120V 2000W $560.00
MR20230 20 34.5" 23.75" 240V 3000W $575.00
MR30245 30 53" 21.75" 240V 4500W $770.00
MR40245 40 65.5" 21.75" 240V 4500W $780.00
MR50245 50 66.75" 23.5" 240V 4500W $820.00
MSR50245 (Short) 50 43.25" 28.25" 240V 4500W $985.00
MHD75245* 75 62.75" 28.25" 240V 4500W $1,030.00
MHD85245* 85 70.25" 28.25" 240V 4500W $1,115.00
MHD10245* 105 70.35" 30.25" 240V 4500W $1,250.00

*Commercial water heaters - certified and rated for safety and efficiency to commercial water heating industry standards and U.S. Department of Energy commercial appliance regulations. These models come with a 10-year warranty instead of a lifetime "Residential" warranty.

**Energy Factor (EF) is the percentage of energy that remains in the hot water you use compared to the energy that was used to heat that water. For instance, with an EF of .94, 94% of the energy used to heat the water is still there when you turn on your water and 6% is lost through the walls. Gas water heaters have lower EF's because they also lose heat up the chimney flue.Source: John Krigger, Saturn Resource Management.