Net Metering

If you are thinking about putting a renewable resource at your home or business, did you know that you can take advantage of our net metering rate? This rate is designed to encourage the use of renewable resources by offsetting the total energy usage of your home or business.

The term “net” comes from the fact that electricity produced by your renewable generation is subtracted from your total bill. In simple terms, we take the kWh that is produced from the renewable generation and subtract it from your total energy usage. If you happen to produce more than you use for the month, any remainder is carried over and applied to your next month’s bill. The excess generation will continue to carry over until the credit is utilized, or 24 months has expired in which you may request a check at the cooperative's avoided cost. You may also choose to continue accumulating kWh on a month-to-month basis.

Renewable Energy Incentives

At any given time, there may be several renewable energy incentives available for members in Arkansas and Oklahoma. To learn more, click here.

Getting Started With Net Metering

After you have made a decision on what type of generation source to utilize, there are just a couple of steps in the application process.

  1. Thirty (30) days prior to installation, a one-line diagram and application must be supplied to Ozarks Electric Cooperative for review. A one-line diagram is a simple drawing or schematic showing how the renewable generation will connect to the home and inevitably be put back onto the grid.
  2. Once the renewable generation is completed, Ozarks Electric must be contacted to inspect the facilities. Our personnel will then inspect the equipment and perform a load drop test. A load drop test is simply turning on the renewable generation and disconnecting the electrical service to ensure that the renewable generator will not back feed the system and create an unsafe condition.

If you have any questions about net metering, please contact Todd Clouse at 479-684-4933 or through our contact form. To submit your standard interconnect agreement via mail, please send to the address below.

Todd Clouse
c/o Ozarks Electric Cooperative
PO Box 848
Fayetteville, AR 72702 

Current Net Metering Members

If you are currently signed up for net metering and have any questions about your equipment, connection or about adding panels to your array, contact Jeff Kennedy at 479-684-4918 or via email at jkennedy@ozarksecc.com.