Account Information

SmartPay Prepaid Electric Billing

Pay your bill when you want, how you want.

SmartPay is a “pay-as-you-go” prepaid service that allows you to pay for electricity how and when you choose. You set the payment plan that works for you and the amounts that fit your budget. Plus, with no security deposits, late or reconnection fees, SmartPay can give you great peace of mind that you are in more control of your monthly budget. Make payments when you want, through MyOzarks, over the phone, at a PaySite Kiosk or at one of our offices during normal business hours.

How To Sign Up For SmartPay

New members need to add a minimum of $20 to their account. That’s it! No deposits are required. Existing members with a traditional account may convert to SmartPay at any time. Any existing deposits will be credited towards your account.

Members with account balances can also use the debt recovery program - each time you make a payment, half will be applied to your outstanding balance.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does SmartPay cost?

SmartPay is free to use and all standard monthly service fees still apply.

Who can sign up for SmartPay?

All single-phase, non-demand residential accounts qualify for SmartPay. Not sure if you qualify? Simply contact us at 1-800-521-6144 or 479-521-2900 for further assistance. You may also visit one of our office locations.

Do I have to pay a deposit with SmartPay?

No! There's never a deposit with SmartPay. If you're already an Ozarks Electric member who has paid a deposit, it will be directly applied to your account.

Are there any late or reconnection fees?

There are no late, collection or reconnection fees with SmartPay. Simply make a payment, leaving you with at least $20 in your account, and your power will be reconnected quickly.

If an account is disconnected and sufficient payment is not made within seven consecutive days, the account will be considered inactive and a final bill will be mailed.

How do I know if SmartPay is right for me?

If it is easier to make daily or weekly payments, rather than one larger monthly payment, SmartPay may be right for you.

Statistics also indicate that "pay-as-you-go" electricity programs often help lower consumption due to members' awareness of usage patterns. So, if you're interested in monitoring and lowering your electricity use, you may potentially benefit from SmartPay.

How do I make SmartPay work for me?

By monitoring your usage through MyOzarks you can notice patterns in your daily usage that can help keep electric costs down. Any variation from your normal pattern — such as house guests or holidays where more electricity is used or a vacation where less is used — will become apparent.

What if my account runs low?

First, you'll receive a low balance alert by email or via the MyOzarks mobile app. You set the method and level at which you want to be notified. This will give you time to purchase more electricity.

If your account balance falls below zero, your service will be subject to disconnection at any time. However, purchasing more electricity is easy, reconnection is almost immediate, and there are no late, disconnect, or reconnect fees. You can pay 24 hours a day by phone or online or make a payment at one of our office locations.

What if I have an existing account balance?

If you have an existing account balance, you can sign up for our debt recovery program. Each time you make a payment, half will be applied to your outstanding balance until is it paid in full.

Do I get a monthly bill?

No. Instead of receiving a traditional paper bill once a month, usage is calculated on a daily basis and you purchase electricity as you need it using cash, check, debit or credit card. You can also make payments anytime by phone, online, through our mobile app, at any of our PaySite Kiosks or at one of our office locations.

Can I opt out of SmartPay?

Yes. Should you decide that SmartPay doesn’t work for you, it’s easy and simple to return to a traditional account at any time. You will only need to pay any required deposits.

How much money should I keep on my SmartPay account?

That's entirely up to you! That's one of the benefits of SmartPay - you create the program that fits your budget and buy electricity as you wish. You can purchase enough electricity to last a day, a week, a month or more.

How do I stay informed about my account or balance?

When you set up your SmartPay account, you'll be asked whether you want to receive messages about your account status via email. You can also check your account balance and monitor your usage with MyOzarks.

Is SmartPay available for all Ozarks Electric members?

Yes! SmartPay is available throughout our entire service territory for all residential members.