Ozarks Community Solar

About the Program

Our Ozarks Natural Energy program is simple. The installation of our community solar facility has allowed us the opportunity to provide our members with a solar option that is much simpler than rooftop systems. It requires no construction or maintenance costs and is only available to Arkansas Ozarks Electric members. Our state-of-the-art facility, located on approximately five acres in Springdale, Arkansas, is where it all starts. The facility’s 4,080 panels generate more than two million kilowatt hours (kWh) every year, on average.

On a yearly basis, our innovative facility generates enough electricity to power up to 150-200 homes. In addition, the amount of electricity it generates will make a major positive impact on our environment.

This innovative program offers an alternative solution to members who want a better value from using natural power. With Ozarks Natural Energy, members can enjoy the benefits of renewable energy without the hassle and worry of equipment installation and ongoing maintenance. Members may purchase up to 100 shares.

Benefits of Community Solar

  • Low cost alternative to rooftop solar
  • Provided by your trusted electric provider
  • No impact on homeowner’s insurance or building structure
  • No maintenance for homeowners
  • Complements overall energy mix diversity
  • Supports grid stability and peak reduction
  • No long-term commitment. If you move, can take it with you to a new address on Ozarks Electric’s lines or sell back to Ozarks Electric 
  • Homeowners with restrictive covenants/HOA regulation can participate

How The Program Works

The idea behind Ozarks Natural Energy is simple: enjoy the benefits of renewable energy without the hassle of purchasing, installing and maintaining equipment yourself. Participating members receive a credit on their monthly bill based on the total output from the facility. Each member’s individual bill credit is determined by the percentage of output (“shares”) for which they sign up during the enrollment period.

Our facility produces energy, which is then sent on to our system, or grid, and members who participate receive credit based on purchased shares of the facility’s total monthly output.

Our facility utilizes the tenKsolar Solar REFLECT 26 photovoltaic system, which provides superior energy density and requires much less geographic space than other solar energy options, generating up to 20 percent more energy than traditional solar systems.

This program is currently available only to Arkansas members.

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