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About the Program

Solar power can be a great way to boost an organization's bottom line and environmental sustainability, but solar projects can be complicated and costly. As a trusted energy partner, Ozarks Natural Energy collaborates with our members to understand your goals to create a customized and cost-effective energy solution. Our contractors will provide a no-cost evaluation and proposal to determine if your business, school, city or county can benefit from a solar energy solution.

We are happy to be able to offer a turnkey solution for on-site solar to our commercial, educational and governmental members. If you are considering on-site solar power, see the preliminary evaluation process to get started.

Preliminary Evaluation Process

Here are the important steps to help you decide on a solar energy system suitable for your organization.

  1. Analysis of your electric power bills for the preceding 12 months to determine how much power you consumed during that period and the average cost per kilowatt hour of that power.
  2. A solar energy analysis is conducted to determine the exact amount of solar power needed to meet your electricity needs. This analysis, along with a number of other variables, will use the exact location of the proposed solar system site to project the annual electric production based on historical weather data.
  3. A solar system will be designed from the solar generation analysis.
  4. A completed financial analysis will be provided to illustrate the possible return on investment and years to recover the cost of the solar power system.
  5. If desired, consult your tax accounting professional and financial or legal advisors to refine the financial benefits from solar energy to fit your exact financial and tax situation.

How will your business benefit from solar?

  • Reduce operating costs
  • Receive tax credits
  • Accelerated depreciation
  • Hedge against electricity price volatility with fixed rates
  • Show company is socially conscious and care about the environment

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