Electric Vehicle Program

Ozarks Electric Cooperative recently embarked on a truly unique experience in learning, joining several electric cooperatives in Arkansas as well as others in Georgia and neighboring southern states with the Electric Vehicle (EV) Program, designed to build skills in mathematics, auto mechanics, physics and engineering for students who participate. The classroom instructor serves as a facilitator helping students gain practical knowledge by putting what they learn in the classroom to work by assembling an EV that they can actually drive themselves.

Watch this video on YouTube.

Students in the program work as a team. Each team works on their EV throughout the school year studying theory and design, and finally building a vehicle for the statewide EV rally held at the end of the school year.

The rally involves an autocross event, an acceleration event and an endurance event. During the autocross event, vehicles are timed on a challenging slalom course that requires the driver to be attentive as well as skilled. In the acceleration event, the fastest car wins. Finally, each vehicle competes head to head on a single battery charge to see which will run the longest.


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