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Ozarks Electric Cooperative Inducted into Hall of Fame
October 2014


David Norton, Mitchell Johnson, Robert Kaplan, Paul Dougan, Todd Townsend and David Black.

Fayetteville, Ark. – Celebrating its 15th annual ceremony this week, Palladium Group, Inc. inducted Ozarks Electric Cooperative into the 2014 Palladium Balanced Scorecard Hall of Fame for Executing Strategy.

Since the adoption of the Balanced Scorecard® in 2008, Ozarks Electric has achieved a three-year average American Customer Satisfaction Index score of 92, setting a national record of 96 in 2012. Planning is now implemented cross-departmentally to accomplish long-term, unified goals. Affordability has been substantially improved, the number of dropped calls per month has been reduced by two thirds, the length of time a customer is without power during a service disruption was reduced by 73%, and lost work days were reduced to zero.

“We appreciate the recognition for our commitment to excellence. Ozarks Electric is dedicated to providing our membership competitively priced services in the safest and most reliable method,” said President/CEO Mitchell Johnson. “I am truly honored to represent our Cooperative in accepting the Hall of Fame award.”

About Ozarks Electric Cooperative
Ozarks Electric is a non-profit, member-owned cooperative, serving more than 70,000 meters across nine counties in Northwest Arkansas and Northeast Oklahoma. Ozarks Electric is one of 750 Touchstone Energy Cooperatives in 46 states, delivering energy and energy solutions to more than 22 million members every day.

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