February 2021 Extreme Cold Event And Strategic Outages

Friday, February 19
Our power suppliers have notified us that we are in the clear and conservation efforts are no longer required to avoid outages. Thank you to our members for their conservation efforts and patience and to our employees for their problem-solving and hard work to get us through this week!

Thursday, February 18
Our power suppliers let us know today that conditions continue to improve, but we are asking our members to be mindful of your energy use for one more day. Please continue your conservation efforts, such as keeping your thermostat at a lower setting and limiting your use of large appliances. Thanks to our members for all of your efforts so far. Looking forward to warmer days ahead!

Wednesday, February 17
Our power suppliers have notified us that the situation has stabilized enough that we are no longer at immediate risk of mandatory strategic outages.
We ask that our members continue to make energy conservation efforts, such as keeping the thermostat a bit lower, turning off unused lights and minimizing the use of appliances such as dishwashers, laundry machines, electric water heaters and electric space heaters. Taking these steps will also help lower your usage and potentially high bills during this extreme weather event. 
We also want to extend our sincere thanks to all of our members who have made efforts to minimize energy use and help avoid strategic outages during this historic event.