Home Electronics Loss Protection

For just pennies a day, our Surge HELP® program can help you protect your family budget from the unexpected expenses of surge damage. And because Surge HELP is financial protection, there is no expensive equipment to purchase or installation required. Every appliance and electronic device in your home is covered, including well pumps, landscape lighting, sprinkler systems, air conditioning units and more.

What are electrical surges and how do they happen?

Electrical surges are a short-term burst of excessive, unwanted energy, which can cause damage to attached electrical equipment. Lightning is the most recognizable cause of surges, though accidents involving utility equipment, trees, limbs and animals on power lines and normal utility equipment are often the source.

The most common sources are motors and compressors found in refrigerators, air conditioners and other household equipment, which create a surge each time they start and stop.

What does Surge HELP include?

  • Customized Protection – You select the level of protection you need, up to $5,000 in annual coverage.
  • Repair/Replacement Coverage – We pay the full repair or replacement cost of your qualifying claim up to the protection limit you choose.
  • Guaranteed Satisfaction – Cancel at any time without any penalty.

Why Surge HELP? Can't I just buy surge protectors?
Did you know that the average home contains nearly 25 appliances and electronics? Purchasing surge protection devices for every source of electric surge can be extremely expensive. Surge HELP covers everything for one, low monthly fee.

What does Surge HELP protect?
The expenses associated with the repair/replacement of your home’s electronics, appliances, and electromechanical equipment (well pumps, air conditioning, etc.) damaged by electrical surges.

Doesn't my homeowner's insurance offer the same coverage?
Yes. However, your deductible can often be the same as the repair itself, and you then run the risk of increased premiums or being dropped for multiple claims. With Surge HELP, you pay one, low monthly fee and there are no penalties for making claims.

Does the program require me to install anything?
No. With Surge HELP, there is absolutely no equipment to purchase or install.

How do I file a claim?
Call 1-888-848-7893 toll-free and we will email, fax or mail you a claim form.

Surge HELP Insurance Coverage

Coverage will take effect 30 days from the date of enrollment and can be canceled at any time. Charges will be added to your monthly bill.

Home Electronics Loss Protection Pricing
$1,000 / year $3.95 / month
$2,000 / year $5.95 / month
$3,000 / year $7.95 / month
$4,000 / year $9.95 / month
$5,000 / year $11.95 / month

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Insurance coverage will take effect 30 days from the date of enrollment and can be canceled at any time.
Charges will be added to your monthly bill.

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Surge HELP Terms and Conditions 

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